Al-Araqib Bedouin Village destroyed for the 3rd time. Question your excuses

Early monday evening a message was sent out to activists warning that there were signs that the israeli army was planning on demolishing the village of Al-Araqib once again (just 13 days ago it was demolished (July 27th)). The cars driving to the village immediately filled up and by the time i called to go there was no room. The  cars left from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at 11:30 at night to get to Al-Araqib, which is in the northern negev, before the early morning when they assumed the demolition was going to take place. At 5 oclock 100+ riot police raided the village followed by trucks that tore it down. The non-violent resistors were unable to stop the police and once again had to stand by with the families as they watched their homes ripped apart for the 3rd time.
Although the struggle most certainly continues; although the numbers of radical anti-military, anti-zionist israelis is small, it is so impressive how these active israeli’s are so quick to respond to the constant assault on Palestinians by the Israeli Military. All-ways glittlers of hope.

below is a much more in-depth account of it from people who were there.. open these and take a look Videos, pictures and articles!

A Palestine Video blog, has a video of the people attempting to resist the robo-cops…

The “banality of evil” and Israel’s destruction of al-Araqib

Al Araqib Demolished for the Third Time in Two Weeks by the Israeli Committee against house demolitions

The international solidarity movment’s report, complete with words, videos, and pictures

israels third destruction of al-arakib

here are the articles that were written and videos that were shot last time the village was destroyed:

video of Protest against Israeli Razing of Al-Araqib Village as PA Support Direct Talk with Israel

Summer Camp of Destruction Truly a MUST read

Al Jazeera english on the demolition

Bedouin village razed in Negev as Israelis cheer on

To those of you who are skeptical of any critique of Israel; probably right now your mind is searching and swimming looking for an excuse. “Well there must be a reason” your mind tells you. “there must be something that is not being said.” This is where the line ends. Let this story be a jolt, like an electric shock to your brain that forces a re-wiring of the mind. There is no reason. This is the continued ethnic cleansing and transfer of all native people who refuse to assimilate into Israel. Let that travel the center of your mind, sit on those words. Hush your mind and breathe… Or grow angery, let your head boil as you realize you can not let go of the need to defend israel in your mind. A trained sense of defense for israel that wont allow you to feel any emotions for the people that are now shelterless in the desert with-out much water during first day of the holy month of Ramadan, in which they will continue to fast all day long while they rebuild their shelters (with what little material they have left) in the scorching sun. Maybe the anger grows into tears, tears that remind you of the times you doubted what you were being told about Israeli violence (or any other state sanctioned violence) but when you spoke out you were harassed and silenced. But remember this it is not soley about you and your mind, this is about the people of Al-Araqib, and the many other palestinian, and bedouin villages that are constantly being demolished within Israel, this is also about the people of Gaza living in the largest prison in the world, and the Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan who have been living in refugee camps for 62 years. So take the time again to think about the reason why.. The ethnic cleansing and transfer of all native people of Palestine who refuse to assimilate into the Israeli state apparatus.
yes, i am looking for the cords of your emotions, and hoping to pull ever so slightly. So if you have not yet looked at the videos or articles that i linked above, please do so and take some time to yourself and feel.

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