borders, boundaries, membranes. thoughts please :)

Its been a few weeks an i reflexed back into personal journaling mode to try to digest the past few months of journeying. All though i spew a lot about transparency and although i often feel more like a transparent gust of wind than a solid rock, i still have parts to me that feel important to work on behind a veil. I am learning to distinguish those parts as the parts that i wish to intentionally put boundaries around. And this is a perfect transtion into where i walk right now!

I have come to portland oregon to a place called tryon life community farm. It’s an intentional community that won in a battle against McMansion developers for this piece of land, a non-profit sustainable education organization, as well as a space that attempts to hold a container for radical new ways of thought, organization, and ideas to mingle and mammafest. May goal here in describing this place is not to lift it up as idealic, but to express what some of the deeper intentions of this space are. And in fact the work i hope to do here beyond just learning with the folks here about gardening, DIO, herbal healing, etc, is to challenge this spaces notion of boundaries and borders.

As a space that has deep intentions of a new culture, a new framework of organizing and relating to each-other, this earth, and the universe, i question and wonder what this means for the delicate space of edges.
A brief comment on edges: The edges of ourselves and our communities have been fragmented and torn apart; dominated by state sanctioned disaster capitalism through the dismembered of autonomous communities. Part of this dismembering is the erasing of membranes, and the insertion of state borders and walls. But in my critique of borders i do not wish to just focus on the violence and destruction caused by and at state borders, but also the violence created by the erasing of autonomous membranes that have been enveloped, cut in pieces and excluded from nations. With the eradication of these membranes how do communities whom resist create membranes that challenge the flow* of people, information, and material that state borders have created? The question for me is- What was/is an autonomous membrane? What did/does it look like, and in what ways would the flow of people, info, material in an autonomous membrane look like? How do we conceptualize and articulate non-state community boundaries? In what ways can we alter the borders we have been conditioned to creating and living with in our different cultures/locations?
*i see membranes/borders as the structures that are the main facilitators/conduits of flow (while the origins may be from different locations and cause different styles of flow, these objects/ideas must travel through the membrane/border at some point?)

This is the project i will be playing with in the next few months while in this community. I am curious both in the possibility of finding more questions, as well as pealing out ways that a “radical” community within the US struggles to not replicate the white-supremacist ideology that supports the borders and boundaries of this empire state (do they struggle? if so how? do they create structures in their border membrane to challenge white supremacy structures? etc).

I would love feedback, and suggestions of readings so so much! Right now i really could use any sort of thoughts that are already out there or thoughts that you yourself have. Also I certainly am not attempting to write what autonomous membranes should look like, but rather interested in certain structures that may be common among many different membranes.

lastly – A key piece of the idea of autonomous membranes is that each community has a membrane that is unique to their internal community and external surroundings. And this membrane helps facilitate towards goals that are unique for their community. So the reason i brought up in the last paragraph the focus on white-supremacy is because the community i am at now is not only in the US which has a long history into the present of white-supremacy, but also in Oregon which has its own grotesque past and present. Also this community is inhabited by a large majority of people with light skin tones, including myself, so i question how the mechanisms on the border of this community may contribute to this pattern.

Oh and i could go on, since i will have to define what are some of the key ideologies that function within the US border such as white-supremacy, patriarchy, & classism (is this an ideology, or is there a better way to phrase it?), so as to look at how a “radical” community that claims to have the intention of dismantling the oppressive qualities of the culture this state replicates, can create a membrane that directly challenge these modes of flow.

I realize this is all a bit vague right now, but it is just now developing and i thought id put my thoughts out there. Thanks so much for your time yall! again any confusion or thoughts please spill them here

much love

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One Response to borders, boundaries, membranes. thoughts please :)

  1. ilanarossoff says:

    SO excited to hear more. SO excited that this place has brought you to explore those very human-scientific questions about borders/membranes that you’ve been conjuring up for some time now

    to give an answer, i think classism, as well as white supremacy and patriarchy are *oppressions* that have ideologies behind them, which (attempt to) rationalize their programs of human subordination and also even (attempt to) justify the gross effects they have on people/society. in many ways the longer they exist the subtler they get

    write more!!

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