Visual-Aid: understanding who and how many people are dying due to ongoing US funded militarism of Israel

I don’t believe a graph can say it all. I do believe a graph with the statistics of military caused death does tell us a core figure for formulating our thoughts. It gives us a raw piece of information that we can expect to be imperfect but accurate enough to show us the level of social damage being done from one group of people upon another.

For each death on this graph is a case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for family and friends. A mother looses her child, a child looses her father/mother.
Each death signifies a continuation of social upheaval.
What is most important to me when viewing graphs about military caused deaths, is that ALL of these deaths were avoidable, and all military caused deaths are unnecessary. Not only unnecessary but down right against all of our ethics, morals and values in life.

i hope you can digest this graph with a bit more serious emotion and thought than the ones you see daily on or etc…

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