About This…

Hio All,
This here blog has a few simple pieces to it!
First there is the Home page. On this you will find the current postings of pictures, stories, thoughts, videos(perhaps).
There are four other pages so far. Grace been given is a space where I have given some thanks at the start of this bog. The page called Interconnection-Spider Web-Network is a reminder for me of the multiple layers of the tapestry that is constantly woven. What is BDS? is a short run through on the history/formation of, the ideology, the strategy and the tactics of BDS (don’t know what BDS is? Read the page!). This page also has a list of sources for more information and ways of sharing this information on the bottom (will be updated).
**New page captured visuals- a witness this page is majority pictures, with a bit of description. For now these photos are all in Palestine. Pictures witnessing what words often try to explain…occupation, racism, apartheid, violence, courage, resistance and determination, someday there may be more.
Lastly on the side bar is a small list of internet resources for news and articles from multiple different writers (if you ever have suggestions for more links just let me know)

If you have any comments on for the pages feel free to comment on the bog posts or email me AVL1489@gmail.com You can also email me about anything and I will reply><
love for aany edit requests, or critiques, or ideas. It’s all new to me..

A short note on writing style: If you have never read my writing before it may take a little time getting used to many spits of confusing grammar and word usage. Many folks who have read my writing tell me similar useful hints. I tend to run on, you think it would be an easy fix but you see here i go- I am doing my best to use less passive voice. So this is also a learning tree for me too as i attempt to make this writing sit easier on the mind. I will probably lean on the side of posting even if grammar/word use is not right and go back and make changes along the way, so a bit of patience, yaay! Thanks for spending the time to see there is more beneath.

Now for the can of worms..The title of this blog is Pride-Ledge Out
It’s a play on the world privilege that came about while i was thinking about this here bog and about the “travels” that was the imputes behind starting it. i see privilege as a way of life that when isolated threatens seriously community fabrics and more earthly webs. It is the grim and muck that clouds ones mind, and hardens ones heart. It is not simply synonymous with wealth, with class or with finding oneself at the top of any/all hierarchies, although it does seem to have a close relationship to the workings of hierarchies and economies. Privilege has the ability to be “had” and “lost”, to varying degrees. As a child privilege was something that would be offered to the “good” children in class or at home, something the authorities dish out to keep people at bay. Privilege halts curiosity, tunnels possibility, and divides and divides and divides. What, if anything, would change if privilege was thought of as a distraction, a frustration, and a violation that perhaps will always be a part of life. As opposed to privilege as a luxury, an adventure, or a past-time (the american dream).

Perhaps what i mean to say is if the discussion around privilege came out into a clear critique and a methods of action it would allow much more room for a different sorta growth for privileged rugrats or for those just faking it*. Just hoping this shadow-lurching thought brought into light could birth possibility- Also hopefully we can think a bit more about power that is often masked by discussion of privilege instead.

*it seems i am speaking as though privilege is an identity people can wear?

humility a medicine for the dis-ease of privilege.
“In “Abolish the White Race – By Any Means Necessary,” Garvey and Ignatiev (1993) write:
But if enough of those who looked white broke the rules of the club to make the cops doubt their ability to recognize a white person merely by looking at him or her, how would it affect the cops’ behavior? And if the police, the courts, and the authorities in general were to start spreading around indiscriminately the treatment they normally reserve for people of color, how would the rest of the so-called whites react (1993:3)? ”

oy vey, this bog is much more well suited to be a bog filled with random photos, thoughts and ideas of me- pride walking on the ledge trying to see honesty out in the horizon.
dive into as far is you wish, all i can share is honestly i hardly know what it means or is trying to say. (perhaps an example of privilege in and of itself- the ability to put a title, with out serious worry of repercussions- and thus a failure to think critically and intentionally)

Part of this discussion i will weave in and out of this blog about privilege is primarily focused on white, hetero, male, wealthy, and able-bodied privilege. So there are times when i speak of “making a change” or creating resources or tools for this change, and i am specifically referring to those that after self-reflection find they embody and are living in some variance of these privileges.

Lastly a woven intention of this here bog

This bog comes out of years of personal journaling, and drawing- It was all-ways focused on my own angers and joys I found through life. These internal process are forever a part of me but the words i am writing now are reminding me i need to share. So this murky bog comes out of my words of excited hopes to be seen ; make someone twitch or smile, as well as to keep people in my web who i can not daily share with. A glimmer of transparency 😉

To all that we carry with

“bring on the waves of the elements,
remind these states of imbalance,
that nature caves-in your arguments,
philosophies bent on falsifying humanity”
~Shoshana Vogel

“no one ever said it would be understood.
history books, well they said
this how things always looked
it’s not to be shook…
but things have been shook
if there was just one thing that could be understood
it’s that we’ve since seen things that we thought be impossible”

so a chance to practice digesting philosophy into a pool of water and splashing it about with a miraculous hope!


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