Interconnection-Spider Web-Network

Sometimes it becomes difficult to out-put into the universe. Not words, not pictures, not songs, not movements. Rather stuck in a marsh of muck that feels unable to adequately express the vast connections interwoven between the small horizon of our senses.

So this page is a calling, a reminding and an inspiration that nothing that grows in this bog is isolated or static.

With only a vague guess at the vast interconnectivity on this earth I will work to understand that what goes on in Palestine or in the United States or at home is NOT by itself a representation of all evil or good or neither. Materially we can decipher the ways in which power is transferred and created through economic hierarchies, political hierarchies, social hierarchies, gender hierarchies, ability hierarchies, the list goes on with just as much seriousness and need of attention. With a fluid(changing, growing, turning) understanding that the military-elite for centuries have had power over a range of institutions in our current world, I can perhaps say that this social class of people materially and psychologically influences the creation of these above mentioned hierarchies at their core. What is the point? Hmm, mostly that we can use this idea to help us see how the violence created by this increasingly global power dynamic is not isolated in certain locations but creates these dynamics in many locations of society and earth. This is just but a part of connectivity, and a part that allows me to feel we are in a similar boat, but even more importantly that there is a material structure in place that can be highlighted and countered.

In a similar vein the spider web has an infinite edge and infinite beginning. So while we do find some common threads slipped into many areas of the net, we also find deeply complex and unique nodes throughout and within. This thought, as opposed to the one above, reminds me of curiosity and uniqueness. It is so much more delightful for me when I am able to be in a space beyond just sight and acknowledge perhaps i will never really know this space. Although this new space may be similar to the places i think i know, it still is simply unique.
This reminds me the very important aspect of power; that it is not something one-creation has and not another. In the majestic complexity of the birth and death sprinkled about this universe we see the ability to create, share, expand, reach, shelter, heal, love, destroy, and recreate as a representation of power that happens from within and with different creatures all around us! Just as power-over relations seem to grow with military-elite influence on huwyn structures, this curious power-with or power-within, i think grows with the influence from the moon, the stars, the planets etc. So as i attempt to unveil my curiosity and begin to create my own language, it will be nice to remember there is not ONE direction or ONE flow of power.
(for my favorite reading on power, which I notice now is very influential to how i speak about it: the first few chapters of “Truth or Dare” by Starhawk)

This network that is quickly being built on the internet will continue to bring different fruits and thorns. I find it sometimes a delicate dance between an unabashed love for the internet and a fear that the internet is MAN building a super-speed highway on the souls grave-yard, devouring the last remains of mothers dreams (perhaps this fear comes from my young understanding of this network?)…
I hope to use this network knowing that it can be a most wonderful material tool if cast in an expansive transparent way.

I will hopefully update this page a few times as this goes on writing a bit more about what is ment by interconnection-spider web-network. Many other folks like to write about it, some times i read a bit of it.. mostly i hear people talk of it, and i wonder..

“The Pale Blue Dote”

A picture of Earth from a Moon of Saturn..


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