cut-and-paste radical haggadah 2012



make sure to print doubled sided flipped on the edge.

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Visual-Aid: understanding who and how many people are dying due to ongoing US funded militarism of Israel

I don’t believe a graph can say it all. I do believe a graph with the statistics of military caused death does tell us a core figure for formulating our thoughts. It gives us a raw piece of information that we can expect to be imperfect but accurate enough to show us the level of social damage being done from one group of people upon another.

For each death on this graph is a case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for family and friends. A mother looses her child, a child looses her father/mother.
Each death signifies a continuation of social upheaval.
What is most important to me when viewing graphs about military caused deaths, is that ALL of these deaths were avoidable, and all military caused deaths are unnecessary. Not only unnecessary but down right against all of our ethics, morals and values in life.

i hope you can digest this graph with a bit more serious emotion and thought than the ones you see daily on or etc…

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has the body been destroyed?

i wont be back here for a while 🙂

Has the body been destroyed?

will you help save it?

then, turn off everything, and play with yourself
then, keep everything off, and play with them!

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borders, boundaries, membranes. thoughts please :)

Its been a few weeks an i reflexed back into personal journaling mode to try to digest the past few months of journeying. All though i spew a lot about transparency and although i often feel more like a transparent gust of wind than a solid rock, i still have parts to me that feel important to work on behind a veil. I am learning to distinguish those parts as the parts that i wish to intentionally put boundaries around. And this is a perfect transtion into where i walk right now!

I have come to portland oregon to a place called tryon life community farm. It’s an intentional community that won in a battle against McMansion developers for this piece of land, a non-profit sustainable education organization, as well as a space that attempts to hold a container for radical new ways of thought, organization, and ideas to mingle and mammafest. May goal here in describing this place is not to lift it up as idealic, but to express what some of the deeper intentions of this space are. And in fact the work i hope to do here beyond just learning with the folks here about gardening, DIO, herbal healing, etc, is to challenge this spaces notion of boundaries and borders.

As a space that has deep intentions of a new culture, a new framework of organizing and relating to each-other, this earth, and the universe, i question and wonder what this means for the delicate space of edges.
A brief comment on edges: The edges of ourselves and our communities have been fragmented and torn apart; dominated by state sanctioned disaster capitalism through the dismembered of autonomous communities. Part of this dismembering is the erasing of membranes, and the insertion of state borders and walls. But in my critique of borders i do not wish to just focus on the violence and destruction caused by and at state borders, but also the violence created by the erasing of autonomous membranes that have been enveloped, cut in pieces and excluded from nations. With the eradication of these membranes how do communities whom resist create membranes that challenge the flow* of people, information, and material that state borders have created? The question for me is- What was/is an autonomous membrane? What did/does it look like, and in what ways would the flow of people, info, material in an autonomous membrane look like? How do we conceptualize and articulate non-state community boundaries? In what ways can we alter the borders we have been conditioned to creating and living with in our different cultures/locations?
*i see membranes/borders as the structures that are the main facilitators/conduits of flow (while the origins may be from different locations and cause different styles of flow, these objects/ideas must travel through the membrane/border at some point?)

This is the project i will be playing with in the next few months while in this community. I am curious both in the possibility of finding more questions, as well as pealing out ways that a “radical” community within the US struggles to not replicate the white-supremacist ideology that supports the borders and boundaries of this empire state (do they struggle? if so how? do they create structures in their border membrane to challenge white supremacy structures? etc).

I would love feedback, and suggestions of readings so so much! Right now i really could use any sort of thoughts that are already out there or thoughts that you yourself have. Also I certainly am not attempting to write what autonomous membranes should look like, but rather interested in certain structures that may be common among many different membranes.

lastly – A key piece of the idea of autonomous membranes is that each community has a membrane that is unique to their internal community and external surroundings. And this membrane helps facilitate towards goals that are unique for their community. So the reason i brought up in the last paragraph the focus on white-supremacy is because the community i am at now is not only in the US which has a long history into the present of white-supremacy, but also in Oregon which has its own grotesque past and present. Also this community is inhabited by a large majority of people with light skin tones, including myself, so i question how the mechanisms on the border of this community may contribute to this pattern.

Oh and i could go on, since i will have to define what are some of the key ideologies that function within the US border such as white-supremacy, patriarchy, & classism (is this an ideology, or is there a better way to phrase it?), so as to look at how a “radical” community that claims to have the intention of dismantling the oppressive qualities of the culture this state replicates, can create a membrane that directly challenge these modes of flow.

I realize this is all a bit vague right now, but it is just now developing and i thought id put my thoughts out there. Thanks so much for your time yall! again any confusion or thoughts please spill them here

much love

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The state’s persistance. Al- Araqib destroyed for a 4th time early this morning.

I have not herd any reports back yet from this mornings demolitions but ill post when i hear them.

Below is an article put out by the Israeli Committee Against House demolitions in response to the previous demolition.


Jeff Halper
August 11, 2010

Yesterday, the day before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began, at 2:30 in the morning, workers sent by the Israeli authorities, protected by dozens of police, destroyed the tombstones in the last portion of the Mamilla cemetery, an historic Muslim burial ground with graves going back to the 7th Century, hitherto left untouched. The government of Israel has always been fully cognizant of the sanctity and historic significance of the site. Already in 1948, when control of the cemetery reverted to Israel, the Israeli Religious Affairs Ministry recognized Mamilla “to be one of the most prominent Muslim cemeteries, where seventy thousand Muslim warriors of [Saladin’s] armies are interred along with many Muslim scholars. Israel will always know to protect and respect this site.” For all that, and despite (proper) Israeli outrage when Jewish cemeteries are desecrated anywhere in the world, the dismantlement of the Mamilla cemetery has been systematic. In the 1960s “Independence Park” was built over a portion of it; subsequently an urban road was built through it, major electrical cables were laid over graves and a parking lot constructed over yet another piece. Now some 1,500 Muslim graves have been cleared in several nighttime operations to make way for…..a $100 million Museum of Tolerance and Human Dignity, a project of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. (Ironically, Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Wiesenthal Center’s Director, appeared on Fox News to express his opposition to the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan, because the site of the 9/11 attack “is a cemetery.”)

The month-long period between Netanyahu’s July 6th visit to Washington and the start of Ramadan has provided Israel with a window to “clear the table” after a frustrating hiatus on home demolitions imposed by the “old,” mildly critical Obama Administration – although there is no guarantee that Israel will not demolish during Ramadan, especially if it wants to exploit the period until the November elections, knowing that until then Obama will not overtly oppose anything it does in the Occupied Territories. In fact, the process of demolishing Palestinian homes never ceased. On June 6th, for example, a year after the demolition of more than 65 structures and the forced displacement of more than 120 people, including 66 children, nine families of Khirbet Ar Ras Ahmar in the Jordan Valley, totaling 70 people, received a new round of “evacuation orders.” A week later the Israeli High Court ordered the Civil Administration to “step up enforcement against illegal Palestinian structures” in Area C, the 60% of the West Bank under full Israeli control.

And so, on July 13th, upon Netanyahu’s return (Palestinian homes are not demolished without an OK from the Prime Minister’s Office), three homes were demolished in the Palestinian East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, followed by three more homes in Beit Hanina. The Jerusalem Municipality also announced the planned demolition of 19 more homes in Issawiya this month. In the West Bank, the Israeli “Civil” Administration demolished 55 structures belonging to 22 Palestinian families in the Hmayer area of Al Farisiye in the northern Jordan Valley, including 22 residential tents and 30 other structures used to shelter animals and store agricultural equipment. According to the UN’s Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): “This week [July 14-20, the week of Netanyahu’s return from Washington] there was a significant increase in the number of demolitions in Area C, with at least 86 structures demolished in the Jordan Valley and the southern West Bank, including Bethlehem and Hebron districts. In 2010, at least 230 Palestinian structures have been demolished in Area C, forcibly displacing 1100 people, including 400 children. Approximately 600 others have been otherwise affected.” Two-thirds of the demolitions for 2010 have occurred since Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama. More than 3,000 demolition orders are outstanding in the West Bank, and up to 15,000 in Palestinian East Jerusalem.

The demolition of homes is, of course, only a small, if painful, part of the destruction Israel wreaks daily on the Palestinian population. Over the past few weeks a violent campaign has been waged against Palestinian farmers in one of the most fertile agricultural areas of the West Bank, the Baka Valley, steadily being encroached upon by large suburbs of the settlement of Kiryat Arba, in Hebron. Israel already takes 85% of the West Bank’s water for its own use, either for settlements (settlers use five times more water per capita as do Palestinians, and Ma’aleh Adumim is currently building a water park in addition to its four municipal swimming pools and the huge fountains constantly flowing in the city center) or to be pumped into Israel proper – all in flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits an Occupying Power from using the resources of an occupied territory.

Accusing the farmers of “stealing water” – their own water – the Israel water company Mekorot, supported by the Civil Administration and the IDF, has in recent weeks destroyed dozens of wells, some of them ancient, and reservoirs used to collect rain water, which is also “illegal.” Hundreds of hectares of agricultural land have dried up as irrigation pipes have been pulled out and confiscated by the Civil Administration. Fields of tomatoes, beans, eggplants and cucumbers are dying just before they can be harvested, and the grape industry in this rich valley is threatened with destruction. “I’m watching my life dry up before my eyes,” Ata Jaber, a Palestinian farmer who has had his home demolished twice, most of whose land lies buried under the Givat Harsina neighborhood of Kiryat Arba and whose plastic drip irrigation pipes are destroyed annually by the Civil Administration just before he can harvest. “I had hoped to sell my crop for at least $2000 before Ramadan, but all is gone.”

(You can see a BBC report on the destruction of Palestinian reservoirs on YouTube and a heart-rending scene filmed just a week ago when Ata’s cousin was arrested in front of his small child for resisting the destruction of his water system .)

Settlements continue to be built, of course. The much-trumpeted “settlement freeze” amounted to no less than a temporary lull in construction. (Indeed, Netanyahu never used the word “freeze”; in Hebrew he refers only to a “pause.”) According to the August report of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch, at least 600 housing units have started to be built during the freeze, in over 60 different settlements – meaning that the rate of construction is about half of that during the same period in an average year when there is no freeze. Given that the approval process has never been halted – the Israeli government announced the planned building of 1600 housing units in the settlements when Vice President Biden was visiting, if you recall – making up for lost time when the “freeze” ends in late September will be an easy task. According to Ha’aretz, some 2,700 housing units are waiting to be constructed.

The fact that the so-called settlement freeze did not really end settlement construction is obvious. The American government seems ready to accept lip-service only from Israel, as against overt and brutal threats towards the Palestinians if they do not acquiesce to the charade. Palestinian negotiators revealed last week the Obama Administration threatened to cut all ties with the Palestinian Authority, political and financial, if they continued to insist on a genuine freeze on settlements or even clear parameters on what the sides will negotiate. (Netanyahu refuses to accept even the elementary principle of the 1967 borders being the basis of talks.)

Just as destructive of any real peace process, however, is the fact that the focus on settlement freeze deflects attention from attempts by Israel to create “irreversible facts on the ground” which will defeat the very process of negotiation. Even if Israel did respect a settlement freeze, there is no demand, no expectation, absolutely nothing to prevent it from continuing to build the Wall (the enclosing of the Shuafat refugee camp inside Jerusalem and the town of Anata is being completed in these very days, and the village of Wallajeh, some of which spills into Jerusalem, is losing its lands, ancient olive trees and homes even as we speak). Nothing is preventing Israel from continuing to impoverish and imprison the Palestinian population through its twenty-year economic “closure,” including the siege on Gaza, having reduced the Palestinian economy to ashes. Nothing stands in the way of completing a system of parallel (though not equal in size and quality) apartheid highways, big ones, going through Palestinian lands, for Israelis; narrow ones for Palestinians. Nothing keeps Israel from expelling Palestinian from their homes so that Jewish settlers can move in – on July 29th nine families living in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, returning home at night from a wedding, found themselves locked out of their homes by settlers and prevented from entering by the police. (Palestinians, of course, have no legal recourse to reclaiming their properties, whole villages, towns and urban neighborhoods, farms, factories and commercial buildings, confiscated from them in 1948 and after.)

Nothing prevents Israel from terrorizing the Palestinian population, whether by its own army or the surrogate militia founded by the US and run by the Palestinian Authority to pacify its own population, whether by settlers who shoot and beat Palestinians and burn their crops with no fear of arrest, or by undercover agents, aided by thousands of Palestinian forced to become collaborators, many simply so that their children could receive medical care or so they could have a roof over their heads; whether by expulsion or the myriad administrative constraints of an invisible yet Kafkaesque system of total control and intimidation. Nothing opposes Israel’s boycott of the Palestinian people, isolated from the world by Israeli-controlled borders, or policies that effectively boycott Palestinian schools and universities by preventing their proper functioning. And nothing, absolutely nothing, stops Israel from demolishing Palestinian homes – 24,000 in the Occupied Territories since 1967, and counting.

Perhaps this way of welcoming Ramadan comes at no surprise in terms of the Occupied Territories. It took on an entirely different cast when, on July 26th, more than 1,300 Israeli Border Police, the shock-troops of the police’s Yassam “special operations” unit and regular police, accompanied by helicopters, descended upon the Bedouin village of al-Arakib, just north of Beer-Sheva, a community within Israel inhabited by Israeli citizens. Forty-five homes were demolished, 300 people forcibly displaced. One of the most grotesque and dismaying parts of this operation was the use of Israeli Jewish high school students, volunteers with the civil guard, to remove the belongings of their fellow citizens from their homes before the demolition. Besides reports of vandalism and contempt for their victims the students were photographed lounging in the residents’ furniture in plain sight of its owners. Finally, when the bulldozers began demolishing the homes, the volunteers cheered and celebrated. Over the next week, as Israeli activists helped the residents pick up the pieces and rebuild their homes, the Jewish National Fund, the Israeli Land Authority, the Ministry of the Interior and the “Green Patrol” of the Ministry of Agriculture (established by Ariel Sharon to prevent Bedouin “take-over” of the Negev) sent in police and bulldozers and had the village demolished twice more.

Although al-Arakib is one of 44 “unrecognized” Bedouin villages in the Negev – of which only eleven have even rudimentary education and medical services, no electricity, extremely limited access to water and none have paved roads (see – it is nevertheless populated by Israeli citizens, some of whom serve in the Israeli army. While demolitions of Arab homes within Israel is not a new phenomenon – last year the Israeli government demolished three times more houses of Israeli (Arab) citizens inside Israel as it did in the Occupied Territories (the destruction of up to 8,000 homes in the Gaza invasion aside) – it signifies that the term “occupation” cannot be restricted to the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza (and the Golan Heights) alone. The situation of Arab citizens of Israel is almost as insecure as that of the Palestinians of the Occupied Territories, and their exclusion from Israeli society almost as complete. While around 1,000 cities, towns and agricultural villages have been established in Israel since 1948 exclusively for Jews, not a single new Arab settlement has been established, with the exception of seven housing projects for Bedouins in the Negev where none of the residents are allowed to farm or own animals. Indeed, regulations and zoning prohibit Palestinian citizens of Israel from living on 96% of the country’s land, which is reserved for Jews only.

The message of the bulldozers is clear: Israel has created one bi-national entity between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River in which one population (the Jews) has separated itself from the other (the Arabs) and instituted a regime of permanent domination. That is precisely the definition of apartheid. And the message is delivered clearly in the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan. It is papered over with fine words. Netanyahu issued a statement saying: “We mark this important month amid attempts to achieve direct peace talks with the Palestinians and to advance peace treaties with our Arab neighbors. I know you are partners in this goal and I ask for your support both in prayers and in any other joint effort to really create a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.” Obama and Clinton also sent their greetings to the Muslim world, Obama observing that Ramadan “remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.” Both the White House and the State Department will hold Iftar meals. But the bulldozers and other expressions of apartheid and warehousing tell a much different story.

(Jeff Halper is the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). He can be reached at .)
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is based in Jerusalem and has chapters in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Please visit our websites:

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how wonder-full… it has been Said!

I spend so much time in life thinking of about roles. What role to play? How to use this body this mind this heart? oh, and who/whom is it that decides this? Yet, at the same time there is always this odd shadow that lives with me. It gets me lost and it laughs
. Slowly slowly i have learned to laugh with it. I will trip and turn around and its gone but in front of me is persyn sitting who greets me. We chat and it turns out they are a medical student from Holland who set up an internship program 2 years ago. The program takes med students and brings them to palestine to work in refugee camps, both as doctors and as art teachers.
Or sometimes the shadow sits with me when i am lost in my head instead, sitting sitting sitting i do nothing for hours, and again i end up laughing. Stand up it says, so i do (although the language is never so clear), and on the steps into the outside again i bump into someone i hardly know, but who i have seen at a 2 demonstrations in Hebron. We begin chatting and end up walking into the old city to visit the palestinian family that was kicked out of their home just 2 weeks ago. The family was out at a wedding and when they returned their house had been taken over by israeli soldiers and settlers. (a continuing process all over the old city…)
These stories are two recent examples of how the concept of a planned-out/theorized/strategized role/direction in life just seems to be a mystery to me. I seem to do best when i am lost or confused, when my fear of being a sloth, or my fear of being lost both become true and untrue at the same time, and we just laugh. I must say though, that a laugh is not so tightly tied to happiness or carefree as some like to assume. No, rather laughing is just the noise, and movement, i could just as well call it crying, but i really rather enjoy the power to turn a gh into a F, this is all, so i use laugh and not cry. Though-still i make lists after lists of “to-do” and write out goals and dreams and draw it all into a web of pictures, while the shadow in my veins just lauggghhhs.

on a relatively unrelated note- how wonder-full, it has been said!
I have been bouncing around in my head a lot of thoughts about how to talk with sharon MA, and with campers from the camp i used to go to about Israel, about Judaism, about privilege, etc. What i am finding now is so much, SO much has been said. I do have words and thoughts that other people may call MY own, but this is not how i see them.
Anyways, i am still not sure how to begin any such talk with Ashkenazi jews children of the white flight generation(or perhaps the second generation). One thing is sure, fear will have to be discussed. But id rather not turn the discussion into a philosophical/spiritual/religious one and instead keep it grounded to the who, whys, hows and whats of the material world. The who profits/is oppressed, the why zionism is racism, why jewish organizations in the US don’t discuss this, the how Jewish history is being destroyed as well as Palestinian due to zionism, the how Palestinians resist occupation, the how the media in the US distorts the material goings on, and the what can be gained from taking a stand, the what we can do. But i know these people may take issue that i go into it so bent on explaining the poltics i hold. Maybe ill lead the talk with my own experience here for the past few weeks, hmm, either way i like to up-front with my politics and intent. Yes i want people to make up their owns minds, but really is it their own in the first place? Also cant people still make up their mind for them selves if some one is saying, “hey this is not about showing all the fucking facts, or describing “both-sides”, this is about confusing you, blurring the sides, and all with the intention of hopefully making you uncomfortable at times, and shaking your reality, but afterwards there will be tea and cake and light music for you to digest it all” hmmm ill still think about it.

here is a longer piece to read-> Answer to Rosenfeld: Jewish History, Anti-Semitism, and the Challenge of Zionism by Mark Braverman, Ph.D. Mark writes a response to an essay entitled a “’Progressive’ Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism,” an essay by Alvin Rosenfeld, Professor of Jewish Studies at Indiana University. Oh academics word battling… but it has some important pieces of fact and opinion. I will also say in my point-of-view it seems to still essentials the Ashkenazi Jewish voice as the voice for the Jewish people.
quick notewomen in black!!!! 🙂

Mark reminds me in his writing of a lovely elder women i met here yesterday at a demonstration. Her name is alyah (she was raised by serious zionists, during the 1940s in the US). She grew up with the Habonim Dror movement, which was lefty socialist zionists, who dreamed of a socialist nation in Palestine. She moved to Israel some time before 1967 and lived the kibbutz life. She was talking to me now as i asked her how she came to the politics she has today, which are of the more radical left. Alyah begin with the story of her experience after the ’67 war. She explained that in Israel after this war there was this sense of euphoria, they had huge marches through the old city and there was just a general excitement she says. When i asked her about the Moroccan quarter which used to be where the large plaza in by the western wall is now, she said nope it was demolished with-in days after the war, and not a thing was said about it. Mostly what i took away from this conversation was that there was this group of socialist zionists who for better or worse truly believed their dream would come true here, and for some years they felt like they had it, with their kibbutzim (although during this time many of them were still ignorant to the fact that many kibbutzim were just a few years ago palestinian villages…). None-the-less they went on living in this dream they had created and slowly slowly the veils began to drop, and as Alyah said more and more you had no choice but to acknowledge what Israel had become, which is yet another western state financed by military capitalism. And so Alyah was one of the israeli gals who started

I have no conclusion for this post, i will leave it frayed for today.

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Al-Araqib Bedouin Village destroyed for the 3rd time. Question your excuses

Early monday evening a message was sent out to activists warning that there were signs that the israeli army was planning on demolishing the village of Al-Araqib once again (just 13 days ago it was demolished (July 27th)). The cars driving to the village immediately filled up and by the time i called to go there was no room. The  cars left from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at 11:30 at night to get to Al-Araqib, which is in the northern negev, before the early morning when they assumed the demolition was going to take place. At 5 oclock 100+ riot police raided the village followed by trucks that tore it down. The non-violent resistors were unable to stop the police and once again had to stand by with the families as they watched their homes ripped apart for the 3rd time.
Although the struggle most certainly continues; although the numbers of radical anti-military, anti-zionist israelis is small, it is so impressive how these active israeli’s are so quick to respond to the constant assault on Palestinians by the Israeli Military. All-ways glittlers of hope.

below is a much more in-depth account of it from people who were there.. open these and take a look Videos, pictures and articles!

A Palestine Video blog, has a video of the people attempting to resist the robo-cops…

The “banality of evil” and Israel’s destruction of al-Araqib

Al Araqib Demolished for the Third Time in Two Weeks by the Israeli Committee against house demolitions

The international solidarity movment’s report, complete with words, videos, and pictures

israels third destruction of al-arakib

here are the articles that were written and videos that were shot last time the village was destroyed:

video of Protest against Israeli Razing of Al-Araqib Village as PA Support Direct Talk with Israel

Summer Camp of Destruction Truly a MUST read

Al Jazeera english on the demolition

Bedouin village razed in Negev as Israelis cheer on

To those of you who are skeptical of any critique of Israel; probably right now your mind is searching and swimming looking for an excuse. “Well there must be a reason” your mind tells you. “there must be something that is not being said.” This is where the line ends. Let this story be a jolt, like an electric shock to your brain that forces a re-wiring of the mind. There is no reason. This is the continued ethnic cleansing and transfer of all native people who refuse to assimilate into Israel. Let that travel the center of your mind, sit on those words. Hush your mind and breathe… Or grow angery, let your head boil as you realize you can not let go of the need to defend israel in your mind. A trained sense of defense for israel that wont allow you to feel any emotions for the people that are now shelterless in the desert with-out much water during first day of the holy month of Ramadan, in which they will continue to fast all day long while they rebuild their shelters (with what little material they have left) in the scorching sun. Maybe the anger grows into tears, tears that remind you of the times you doubted what you were being told about Israeli violence (or any other state sanctioned violence) but when you spoke out you were harassed and silenced. But remember this it is not soley about you and your mind, this is about the people of Al-Araqib, and the many other palestinian, and bedouin villages that are constantly being demolished within Israel, this is also about the people of Gaza living in the largest prison in the world, and the Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan who have been living in refugee camps for 62 years. So take the time again to think about the reason why.. The ethnic cleansing and transfer of all native people of Palestine who refuse to assimilate into the Israeli state apparatus.
yes, i am looking for the cords of your emotions, and hoping to pull ever so slightly. So if you have not yet looked at the videos or articles that i linked above, please do so and take some time to yourself and feel.

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